Free Horse Racing Tips for Betting on Horses

Looking for Free Horse Racing Tips?

Many people would agree that they have tried betting at horse racing at some point or other. However, most people being novices in this field tend to lose the bet more commonly than winning it. This primarily happens due to a lack of knowledge regarding the ins and outs of horse racing. In such cases studying free horse racing tips indeed prove helpful.

Here are a few free horse racing tips that are worth considering, while making the selection for your horse for betting at horse racing:

1) First and foremost free horse racing tips are to initiate by taking a good look at the horse racing form. You can avail these forms at the track and newsstands. Nowadays these forms are also made available to you online. The ideal place to start is to look at the trainer and the jockey. Yet another free horse racing tip is to consider other factors like previous performances. But in most cases, past race performance does not help much. Therefore a free horse racing tip is that horse racing picks on trainer and jockey can be achieved easily, which can help you in eliminating a good number of horses from your handicapping process at the first step.

2) Following free horse racing tips is to consider looking at recent form. The performance of a horse in the current race can be somewhat indicated by its performance in the last three races. Free horse racing tip would state that certain aspects that would help you are, looking at the finishing position and the speed figures. The speed figures can be obtained from the racing form, where they are found listed. It shows how the horse has performed in his or her last race on a specific track. You can consider the speed figures of the last three races of a horse and judge those numbers against the rest of the field. This would provide you an upright idea of how the race shapes up.

3) Ideally free horse racing tips would suggest that a horse racing selection is a very important point that you must take into account while betting for horses. Horses are suited according to a particular course and particular surface. For example, you may notice that certain horses perform better on grass fields rather than what they would perform in the dirt. Once again an important free horse racing tip is that some horses are suitable for specific distances. Free horse racing tips would indicate this is an important factor that you would keep in mind and which can actually prove helpful, as some horses are bred for stamina and some horses are bred for speed.

4) Last but not least the most important free horse racing tip are that you must look beyond favourites and look for value. Finding value is one of the successful free horse racing tips. You can be somewhere between consistent betting on favourites and finding longshots that usually win.

To summarize, free horse racing tips is a careful and extensive study on horses and other factors associated with it should be referred to, which can give you very useful horse race tips.

Apart from this, free horse racing tips would suggest that tipster membership is also helpful while betting on horses as they provide relevant details.

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